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The importance of being wild.

The importance of being wild.

Interestingly enough Molly was living in a small city flat when she decided to start her wildlife art business “I drew a picture of a cottage on bathroom mirror with lipstick, I desperately wanted to reconnect with nature and used it to focus on my dream life.” It was this determination that led her to now life in North Cork in a Teeny cottage full of dogs cats and her little boys.

“I knew I wanted to create everyday but also create a life that meant something. To be surrounded with my animals, what else could I ask for?” So 6 years ago Molly followed her dreams and launched her own wildlife art business in Cork. Initially she made needle felted originals and some prints but as she evolved and shops became interested her work developed to providing high quality and affordable ranges of cards, prints, paperweights and more depicting Ireland’s most loved wildlife.

 You’ll find Molly most days working on her kitchen counter top, packed with tools of her trade with her babies at her feet. 

“Our life is hectic, 2 messy boys who love to ramble through fields , dig in the polytunnel and generally refuse to believe in the difference between inside and outside toys”

Life and work are integrated in their everyday. Daily nature walks  which you can see on her social stories  are at the heart of her inspirations “We grow children to love nature and grow ideas on these walks, often collecting moss flowers and other offerings to pop into our paperweights almost as a time capsule to share with our customers 

We are restoring an old wall at home and keep finding old pony shoes and bottles , the thrill of this shared memory is what I hope others get when they touch and discover our finds.

Molly’s range is constantly evolving. She recently launched her own eco wood Jewelry range. “I actually never wore Jewelry before, it’s kinda cool to make something that appeals to a difference sort of person. Something like my robin buddy brooch, who doesn’t need a buddy on their side every day?” 


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