A cottage industry...
My range represents evocative and heartfelt wildlife homeware. Built on the back of a cottage industry where everything is made by my hand to bring joy and passion to each piece I make.

All my designs I craft using tiny strands of wool and teasing them into place with a single needle. As a team my husband and I photograph and print these to create a range of work that reflects our values and commitment to handmade and eco friendly gifts.

I love to buy handmade and pride myself with collaborations with some of Ireland’s most talented and passionate makers to offer my customers bespoke gift sets.

It’s vital to my work that I offer customers my very best in environmentally, sustainable and ethical goods that invite nature into their hearts and homes.

Handmade home
So much of the work I create is the incredible home I live in. Our postage stamp cottage located in the hinterland of the Blackwater Valley is a haven for nature and environmental farming.

In all we do as a family we work and love to the goals of living with integrity, passion and abandon.
I invite you to follow my inspirations and work here and on social. I hope you see my passion to create honest ethical Irish homeware. I love to transform my original felt designs into print, ceramics, jewelry and more.
Moly Ellis