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Eco alternative to puppy pads !

Eco alternative to puppy pads !

New pups usually means purchasing plastic based puppy pads that take over 500yrs to degrade. Since I was familiar with cloth nappies and pads I decided to whip together a no sew puppy pad thats eco friendly and free!.

I found 2 toddler pillow cases, an old stained flannel sheet and a cot duvet that was always too light. 

The pillowcase is for quick wicking , flannel for absorption and the duvet for holding power.  Unsure if it would be too cosy and end up a sleeping mat, I didn't bother stitching it as the pillow case held it neatly and I can amend the thickness. 

Well it worked a treat! Popped a piece of tissue with a bit of his pee on it ( delightful I know ) and he used it straight away. Wash machine friendly on a quick wash . 

Waterproof mat ( waterproof side up) for the first day or if you have floors that need more care than mine. Let me know if you try it. 






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