Shadow Robin print
Shadow Robin print

Shadow Robin print

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A  robin art print to treasure by Molly Ellis, The Wild Felter. 

Robin Folklore is rich and deeply ingrained in Irish society. The old stories of how the robin got his red coat at Christmas, norse tales linking the robin with Thor and our own folklore as a spirit messenger.

Logic tells us that these beautiful birds follow us in the garden picking up tidbits, spotting disturbed earth for lunch. however our hearts can find solace as a messenger of some sort. I grew up with the saying “a robin in the house is a death in the family” Others have told of a robin visitor after the passing of a parent, acting as a comfort in those grief stricken days. I like to embrace this and many tales of our feathered friends. This piece reflects this greatly playing with the light and shadows on his beautiful coat. 

Made from wool , then intricately detailed by hand using a single needle and finally transformed into this adorable print.  Percy is a famous little birdie for wildfelter fans who know how he steals Molly's woof gang's porridge each morning and pops in his head to say hello. 

Each print has its special meaning delightfully printed on an informational card with each print or frame. pls note the paper is A4 in size , with the print being marginally smaller to allow for multiple sized frames and easy trimming of required . 

Frames are hand finished on an off white lime wash and May vary from batches. Prints are framed in a single mount or double as pictured from Time to time . 

Free untracked print shipping worldwide.

Framed shipping is limited to Ireland, Northern Ireland . Shipping to Uk is available but best for multiples. 


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