Bee bechbreatha Print
Bee bechbreatha Print
Bee bechbreatha Print
Bee bechbreatha Print

Bee bechbreatha Print

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Brand Art print

A Bee on clover print by Molly Ellis.

Bechbretha is the old Irish bee keeping laws for the governance of bees colonies and honey. So important to our way of life and understanding of how the bee worked it was written to law for their protection. 

This piece is inspired by the rewilding of my own garden and the greater understanding I have since of the symbiosis of it all.

Made from wool , then intricately detailed by hand using a single needle and finally transformed into this adorable print.

Each print has its special meaning delightfully printed on an informational card with each print or frame. pls note the paper is A4 in size , with the print being marginally smaller to allow for multiple sized frames and easy trimming of required . 

- High quality reproduction print
- Superb colour and textural detail
- Quick delivery
- Easy framing options
- Irish made
- Eco friendly business
- Info card with each piece
- Ship direct to recipient


Free untracked shipping worldwide for unframed prints.
Framed shipping is limited to Ireland, Northern Ireland. Shipping to Uk is available but best for multiples.

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