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A Fox Tale


A golden fox print Molly Ellis ,Ewe Sir.

Molly has always adored foxes, ever since she managed to bring one home as a child and set it up in dog house before her parents discovered. This fox is a firm favourite amongst Ewe Sir followers for his adorable face, hint of fabric accents and vibrant colouring. 

A gift for fox lovers, wildlife fans and of course yourself !

Each print has its special meaning delightfully printed on an informational card with each print or frame. Purchase framed in a solid wood off white frame by us, or enjoy our easy framing borders allowing you to simply trim to fit multiple sizes. Made from wool , then intricately detailed by hand using a single needle and finally transformed into this adorable print. 


Re/ N.Ireland - we have to over charge for framed shipping with settings but we will refund the diff as it costs the same as the Republic of Ireland . 

- High quality reproduction print

- Superb colour and textural detail

- Quick delivery

- Easy framing options

- Irish made

- Eco friendly business

- Info card with each piece

- Ship direct to recipient