Blackbird art, Irish wild bird , family protector
Blackbird Art Prints
Blackbird Art Prints
protector of the family

Blackbird Art Prints

€25.00 - €50.00
Brand Art print
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A symbol of family blackbird print Molly Ellis ,The Wild Felter. 

A sparkly blackbird to sing to your heart. His watchful eye passed down from generations of blackbird protectors is there to look after your loved ones and remind you that a little protector isn't far should you seek him. A talisman for family. 

Each print has its special meaning delightfully printed on an informational card with each print or frame.

Purchase framed in a solid wood off white frame by us, or enjoy our easy framing borders allowing you to simply trim to fit multiple sizes.

Made from wool , then intricately detailed by hand using a single needle and finally transformed into this adorable print. This piece was inspired by a piece of fabric Molly found belonging to her grandmother. Adding this little trinket of memory for the bird's beak seemed to just make the piece as that's where she inherited her own love of a good chat. 

- High quality reproduction print

- Superb colour and textural detail

- Quick delivery

- Easy framing options

- Irish made

- Eco friendly business

- Info card with each piece

Framed shipping is limited to Ireland, Northern Ireland . Shipping to Uk is available but best for multiples. 

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